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Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking for Diet plans for improving gut health, strengthen immunity, have a better sleep quality, handle acidity? Speak to Elate Nutrition Consultant for effective diet plans that work.

Recent scientific studies indicate that food plays an important contributing role in the development, management and prevention of specific Physical and Mental problems.

Our Nutritionists and Dieticians in Gurugram, specialise in creating healthy diet plans which are good for both your body and mind. 

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How to eat right?

At Elate Wellbeing, we belive that eating right is one of the essential elements for physical and mental well-being. Eating right is not only about what we eat, but it is also about how we eat and when we eat. Eating right is proven to help enhance general fitness, improve in weight loss, reduce stress, and enabling you to sleep well. Our eating right philosophy is-

Eat Local and seasonal: No need to eat imported stuff or unseasonal foods. Fruits and vegetables taste good only when they are locally procured and are seasonal. 
Eat Natural: Avoid processed food and eat whole foods. This way, you will save your body from any unwanted chemicals and toxins.
Moderation is the key: Food is to be enjoyed, but at the same time overindulgence or fighting against it for weight loss is not good as well. Moderation is to be practised for a healthy eating habit.
Avoid diet fads: You will hear about a new diet plan every day, however not all have any scientifically proven advantages. Avoid such plans and follow simple eating habits for a healthy life. 
Mindful eating: Eat your food mindfully, observe its texture, aroma, taste. Digestion starts in the mouth, but we chew less nowadays. Mindful eating enhances the flavour, makes you avoid over-eating, and improves digestions. Avoid distractions like phones, TV, reading. It is your time for eating and spending time with family. Enjoy your food.