Elate Diet Plan to boost Immunity

Improve immunity naturally for a happy and healthy you!

Increase immunity by 4X!

Weak immunity?

Weakened immunity may cause frequent infections, poor gut health, dull skin & hair, and lack of energy levels. 

Possible reasons!

A few key reasons include nutritional deficiencies, stress, sleep deprivation, and a sedentary lifestyle.

What can I do?

Build your immunity now with the right nutrition, natural remedies, and effective daily rituals!

Elate 7-day Immunity Booster Program

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Fruits and Nuts

Right Eating

Get dietary recommendations and recipes to include right ingredients including seasonal vegetable and fruit items, herbs & spices, nuts, juices and natural supplements. All these are Indian and natural food items.

Family Walking On the Beach

Right Activities

Use the sun-moon-fire combination for balance, aromatherapies, thymus tapping techniques, and other traditional methods for overall health improvement and immunity building.

Woman in a Yoga Pose

Right Living

Stress and immunity have scientifically proven linkages. Elate 10 minutes Immunity yoga, mudras, breathing techniques, and other lifestyle tips to reduce stress,  enhance sleep, and increase endurance. 

Healthy Diet

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Client Testimonials

Thanks Elate for an eye-opening 7 days. I was not aware of simple things I was doing wrong which made me fall sick so frequently. With this course, I am feeling healthier and more energetic.

Nivedita Bhatt

The best online diet plan combined with yogic practice. Dietary recommendations were all very logical at the same time easy to implement. Daily rituals are fun to do and are very effective.

Radha Vats

I had opted for this course as we were falling sick regularly and I was quite worried how am I going to deal with COVID. Thanks to this program, I am more confident about my immunity. Diet and yoga are both well planne.

Sirisha M.

Frequently asked questions

How is this program conducted?

The program is conducted on WhatsApp. On a daily basis diet, recipes, rituals shall be shared. Our experts will also answer your specific queries. These are not online classes, so you have the flexibility to follow guidance during the day as per your convenience.

Will this lead to weight loss?

No. This is a program curated ONLY to help improve your immune system and share knowledge on the same. This will not improve weight condition or any other metabolic disorders (if any).

How soon will I see results?

You will see improvement in your energy levels and other positive effects by the end of 7 Days (when followed exactly). However, to see major impact on immunity, we advise you to follow the suggested regime on a regular basis over at least 30 days.