Learning Yoga is easier and effective with Elate online live Yoga sessions

Time Slots

We currently have 6 AM, 715 AM, 6 PM and 715 PM general yoga slots. There are special slots for beginners yoga, weight loss, yoga for back pain, prenatal yoga, women wellness etc during the day. 

We have classes from Monday to Saturday in a week.

Yoga Schedule

We follow everyday new yoga routine which includes Hatha yoga variations, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, Pragya yoga, Tibetan rites, power yoga etc.


Sessions are normally 60 mins, including 40-45 mins yoga, 10-15 mins pranayama and relaxation practices.


To ensure high quality standards, we only have paid sessions.


We provide one free trial class so that you get a first hand feel about our sessions.

We keep batch sizes small to give personal attention to your requirements.

We have curated online live yoga sessions for general fitness; weight loss; for back, neck and shoulder pain, prenatal, senior citizens, yoga classes for kids based on the needs of the current age. We have options for individual and group online yoga classes. These online yoga classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Class sizes are kept small to ensure personalised attention for correct yoga poses. We also have an option for individual classes.

The Best New Age Online Yoga Classes

Join Online group and individual yoga classes for mental and physical fitness. Convenient all-day slots, Certified Trainers, and Highly Effective.

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Why you should do Yoga?

Yoga is a part of Eastern Philosophy. It is not only about physical exercises as it is commonly known. It has a strong foundation based on Vedic philosophy. It consists of broadly four components- asanas (yogic postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), dhyana (meditation), and guidelines for spiritual practice. First three parts of yoga asanas, breathing training, and meditation can be done without any specific religious elements associated with them. These techniques are well proven to improve both physical and mental well-being. Yoga and its advantages have been well researched in the western world as well as in India. Institutions like Harvard Medical Schools and John Hopkins University have also shown tremendous benefits of yoga in their research work. The best part is that yoga practice can be done by anyone,  old or young, fit or not so fit, and with any earlier yoga practice or beginners. We at Elate Wellbeing, believe that regular yoga practice will provide the following benefits.


Disciplines Body and Mind: Practicing Yoga helps managing Body and Mind opening doors to limitless potential;
Benefits to General Health: Improves flexibility, body tone, and muscle strength. Yoga can be specifically useful for weight loss and back, shoulder, knees and other body pain reduction
Dissipates feeling of Stress and Anxiety: Rhythmic breathing techniques complemented with curated Yoga postures help inculcate a sense of control;
Improved concentration span: Consistent Yoga practice helps improve concentration span. You remain relaxed, poised and composed in all situations;

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