Online Short Duration Programs for Physical and Mental Well-being

Join our highly specialised short duration but with very effective content for improving physical and mental health. These programs are designed by Indian and international experts by utilising the latest scientific understanding along with proven traditional methods.


Join these online programs and become Happier and Healthier you!

Elate Well-being Team


Ashutosh Pandey (Co-founder)

Entrepreneur- built and managed successful ventures as CEO of clean-tech businesses, and consumer internet business.

MBA IIM Calcutta (2002), BTECH Certified Behavioural Coach


Apourva (Co-founder)

Trained Meditation and Nutrition Expert

Prior experience in the corporate sector for 10 years as a senior HR professional. MBA KJ Somaiya 2002


Neelima Kapoor (Co-founder)

Trained Yoga and Naturopathy Expert

Entrepreneur- retail venture (7 years), prior experience of over 10 years in the corporate sector in India and Oman. CMA 1998

Our International Collaborators


Julia Arndt is a certified life and business coach, trainer and speaker in California.


She loves helping people understand the effects of stress on body and mind, move beyond burnout and build a mindful lifestyle that delivers focus, high energy and productivity.


Anastasis Tzanis voted among the top 10 yoga teachers in London in the year 2017.


He is working with people and teams operating under high pressure and helps them counter the drawbacks of modern life with Yoga & Breathwork


Laura Helm Transpersonal Therapist and a well-known Yoga expert in Europe.

She is truly passionate about empowering people to fulfil their potential, find their passion and overcome any blocks which prevent them from expressing their true selves. 

Why we started Elate Wellbeing?

In our interaction with family, friends, and peers we have realised that each one of us wishes to be supremely happy and healthy. While there is a strong urge to achieve this stage but there is also a lack of proper guidance and resources. This situation fails most of us miserably in our pursuit of happiness and health.

We believe that there is no need to make sacrifices like becoming vegan or wake up too early or be a monk to be happy! Rather, we bring to you modern techniques which are easy to follow and can be easily incorporated while you juggle between your work, career and family. 

And all this is fun!


Our Physical Well-being Programs include Online Yoga for fitness, strength, back and neck pain, shoulder pain, prenatal yoga, Online weight management plans, detox diet plans, immunity nutrition.

Our Mental Well-being Programs include Weekly Stress Management Program, Online Happiness Program, Online Meditation Classes, Program to sleep well.

Follow Elate Wellbeing online short duration programs covering important aspects of your well-being.