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Reclaim Your Sleep!

An easy to follow 7-days online program to sleep longer, without breaks and sleep faster. Improve sleep quality by up to 80% within a week without any medicine.

Rs 799/person. Join the Elate Sleep Program Now!

How does it work?

3 Important ways to enhance sleep quality without medicines.


Sleep Assessment

Do you often wake up at night and can't get back to sleep, and then end up tossing and turning? Are you fatigued the next day? 


Sleep Hygiene

Adopt best practices to improve basic sleep hygiene and setting a routine for sleep improvement. See a drastic improvement within a couple of nights!


Personalised Sleep Plan

Learn easy to follow sleep exercises, relaxation tools and sleeping techniques to fall asleep faster. Personalised diet and exercise plan for refreshing sleep.

Started by IIM Alumni, Elate strives to help you become a happier and healthier you! We have curated short duration well-being programs with a strong grounding in scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom. 

This program is conducted by Ashutosh, a trained Behavioural Coach and Sleep Expert.

About Elate Wellbeing

Very happy with the improvement in just 4-5 days. Highly recommended course- Shaleen Bajpai

 I am sleeping much faster with lesser number of breaks at night. I am more energetic due to good sleep at night. Thanks, Elate- Bala S.


7 Days Sleep Well Program

  • Conducted on WhatsApp, Zoom or Phone Calls;

  • Sleep Assessment and personalised Sleep Action Plan development;

  • Yoga exercises to sleep faster;

  • Diet suggestion to improve sleep;

  • Relaxation & meditation for long and refreshing sleep;

  • Daily Progress check and Goal setting

Join Now to see 30-80% improvement in sleep quality in a week!

Program fee: Rs. 799/person.